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Playmaker Team

Playmaker Pictures is a passionate production company focused on developing high concept, original story ideas for broadcast television, theatrical releases and internet streaming.


COREY “WOODY” REAUME is an entrepreneur and artist, performing in theater, television, film and radio for more than 25 years. Currently, his enthusiasm for entertainment can be heard on the Sheri and Woody morning show, 94.5 Jack FM in Regina and on Rock 102 in Saskatoon where he writes, voices and produces original content daily. As a business owner, his corporation owns and operates 4 pharmacies and 2 medical clinics in Regina. Woody’s many talents and abilities in art and business management will be invaluable to launch this funny new series off the pages and into its well-deserved place in Canadiana.

ROSS NYKIFORUK is a composer, producer, engineer, musician and storyteller who has worked on dozens of film, tv series’, and album projects for the past 30 years. He is a two time Gemini Award nominated composer; he holds a Juno for his engineering talents for Song of the Year; and has received a Blizzard Award and SMPIA award for Best Film score. His background in the industry has empowered his creative storytelling ideas and he has a meticulous approach to detail while understanding that a believable performance is required for good media production.


WARREN COWELL is a contest-winning screenwriter whose feature-length scripts have taken him from Nashville to New York City. Active in the local film and television community, Warren is a proud Adjudicator for Dreamspeakers International Film Festival and the Edmonton Short Film Festival. Video Editor by trade with shows broadcasting on Wild Pursuit Network, Warren has used all his skills and experience to help create this exciting new television series.

LEE CHAMBERS has written, produced and directed many films over the years with support from 4 Academy Award winners, including Roger Corman & Peter Farrelly. 
Born and raised in Canada, Chambers holds credentials in graphic design, advertising and education. As a British dual citizen, he also graduated from the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University in the UK.

Chambers has worked on numerous of British sitcoms, including BBC's The League of Gentlemen, as well as major motion pictures in the UK and Australia.
His movies, 'Copenhagen Road' and his debut feature 'The Pineville Heist', can been seen on Amazon Prime and in 35 countries around the world, where his creative work has been awarded at hundreds of festivals, including a nomination for Best Director sponsored by the Director's Guild of Canada (Ontario).
Along with making films, Chambers is also a popular motivational speaker, panel moderator and juror at film festivals in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Portugal, Iraq and the Cayman Islands.

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